Deutsche Börse Group. The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz – LkSG)

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On June 11th, 2021, the German Bundestag passed a law on corporate due diligence to prevent human rights violations and environmental damage in supply chains: The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. The LkSG introduces comprehensive mandatory due diligence requirements related to Governance, Risk Management and Reporting, all targeting the identification of risks of human and environmental rights violations along the supply chain and a business’ own operations.

As one of our suppliers, we want to inform you that we will cooperate with the service provider EcoVadis in the future. To meet our obligations, EcoVadis will perform sustainability and risk assessments for all suppliers of Deutsche Börse Group.

Your participation in this process is critical to the implementation of the previously described obligations and is important to our continued business relationship. For this reason, we thank you for your commitment by participating in this strategic initiative.

Our Sustainability Goals

A personal message
Your company has been identified as a key partner for Deutsche Börse Group, and we count on your cooperation to achieve our LkSG goals.

The Sustainability Assessment by EcoVadis

We understand you may have questions pertaining to:

  • Why does sustainability matter?
  • Why does this concern me?
  • What exactly am I supposed to do and when?

This 5 minute video covers these questions and all you need to know about the EcoVadis process.

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Useful Tips from Assessed Companies by Company Size


(companies less than 100 employees)

For small and very small companies which may not have a sustainability program, here are some good examples of successful assessments and best practices to adopt.

M and L

(companies with several hundred or more employees)

For medium sized companies, learn from these testimonials about what works well and what doesn’t work as it pertains to organizing your EcoVadis assessment internally.

L and XL

(companies with several thousand employees)

For large and global companies with a Sustainability or CSR department, you are most likely well prepared for your EcoVadis assessment. However, because specific information may be distributed throughout your organization, you may still find some useful tips on how to engage your colleagues.

Procurement Organizations Worldwide Trust EcoVadis

Companies worldwide utilize their EcoVadis Scorecard as a competitive differentiator and unique selling proposition to highlight their commitment to sustainability. These testimonials feature other organizations utilizing EcoVadis to monitor and improve their trading partners’ sustainability and CSR practices.


talks about how EcoVadis helps structure their Sustainability initiatives


shares how EcoVadis is a strategic tool to achieve their sustainability goals

EA Engineering

talks about how EcoVadis helps to identify areas of improvements in their sustainability program


talks about their sustainability journey and aspirations for 2020


talks about using EcoVadis to check compliance with their corporate standards for suppliers


shares how using EcoVadis helps to create value and manage risks

If you have more questions about the EcoVadis program,
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